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Our Planet was born 4.5 billion years ago.


  1. In the past 60 years the world population has tripled as a result today we consume every year twice than the resources that the Planet can produce.
  2. Earth’s climate change has passed the tipping point and we can only stabilize it if we wake up immediately.
  3. The loss of biodiversity will plague our Planet Earth for millions of years to come.
  4. The carbon cycle is an integral part of life on Earth and it is destroyed every day, consequently phytoplankton which produces most of the planet’s oxygen is dramatically and irrevocably destroyed.
  5. In 2050 two-thirds of the world population will not have access to potable water.
  6. The acidification of the oceans and their pollution due to plastic components is destroying any aquatic creature.
  7. Each year the air pollution is the cause  of millions of cases of lung diseases and we breathe heavy metals every day.
  8. The thinning of the ozone layer is cause of skin cancer and desertification as well as of the thawing of glaciers at the poles and at the highest peaks of the Earth, and it is the cause of  rising ocean levels.
  9. The indiscriminate fishing will empty the oceans from fish in 2050.
  10. Since 1990 50% of the Planet’s rainforests have been destroyed.


  1. Today on planet Earth 67 states are involved in wars, in total there are 196 states recognized on planet Earth, 25% of states on the planet are in war.
  2. Only in the last three years have been killed by wars about 550,000 people.
  3. 24,000 people die every day because they do not lack food.
  4. 800 million people in the world have not enough food.
  5. 750 million people worldwide have no access to drinking water.


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