Luxury Experience – Around the World by Supercar

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Luxury Experience – Around the World by Supercar

luxury experience

Exclusive luxury experience. Circumnavigate the Globe in the World’s best supercars, make history and become a modern-day hero. The trip that will ensure your legacy will never be forgotten. Travel the world by supercar, cross continents moving from adventure to adventure, stay in the world’s most luxurious accommodation, make headlines as you go (or even a TV show), and rest-assured that you will have a full support-crew, including medical staff, travel guides, security and mechanics in tow.

This is the journey that will define who you are.

EVENT DETAILS: NAME: AROUND THE WORLD BY SUPERCAR WHEN: ANYTIME DURATION: From 3 months PRICE: From £1m – £6m per person Minimum group size 4

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Auto Vivendi

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