From the idea that a story told in a film can become reality.


Our attempt is to fix our Planet Earth through the luxury, showing all the world’s luxury in a single website. Do a gift to our Planet Earth means giving something to ourselves, to our loved ones and to all humanity and thinking that to give brings joy to the giver’s heart, this website and their services are our gifts to you. Now it is up to you, pay it forward to your Planet Earth.


We dream to change the world through altruism.
We’ve been thinking for a long time before to find a way to do it.
So, we decided to give you a gift, but it must be a thing very important to you.
We know how much you believe in your company, because we believe, equally, in our organization.
We want to help you to sale your products, goods or services.

Pay It Forward

  1. Wanton Luxury helps you to sell your products
  2. You receive our help and post your ads
  3. Wanton Luxury gives its income to the Earth
  4. The Earth receives our gift
  5. You had pay it forward just posting your ads
    Receiving our help you pay it forward to the Earth

Take Action

Give without asking anything in return is a kindness that becomes contagious because the smile gives smiles and well warms the hearts, in conclusion this is the philosophy behind Luxury Saves the Earth.
Giving makes us happy to see the happiness of others and in this way with great selfishness we realize that serve others actually become something intimate and personal.
We have no way to see the dark depths of the universe that surrounds our planet but to realize just his terrifying immensity of the darkness of the darkest nights.
Our small planet is lost in the immensity of the universe and is walking on the brink, but we live drowning in the frenetic daily life and do not notice the spectacular diversity of colors and shapes that an infinite number of random events, events randomly ordered in a sequence, has given us.

What kind of world do you want to hand down to your grandchildren? We have been lucky enough to see the world before we destroy it completely, but our grandchildren will live in a completely different world, in which there will not be many of the beautiful things that nature has given us.
All this can change if we succeed in figure it out and to explain it to all that prefer turn away and pretend nothing has happened, they hope that everything will fix itself but this will not happen.
Bring joy to humankind and give a happy planet to live to your loved ones giving a smile to people and getting a lot of services for free, do your daily good deed!

Take action.

The Earth’s History

4.5 Billion Years in 35 Seconds